Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eagle Dream

This dream is strange. I am in a car and up ahead in another car I see a bird sitting on something outside the window. Somehow I recognize that it is a very expensive and rare animal belonging to a very prestigous and wealthy couple (not sure how I know this but...)
Then I see high up in the sky this huge bald eagle and instantly a fear drives into my heart as I instinctually know that this eagle is going to harm the pet bird.
Sure enough the eagle sees the smaller bird (which is also a large bird, just not as large as the eagle) and swoops down to attack it.
So fast I don't recall getting out of the car I am in, I find myself over the huge eagle with my hand around its throat terrified that it is going to hurt me but determined to protect the valuable pet. I beat the eagle till it finally departs.

...yeah, no idea about what could have triggered this one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ferris Wheel

Lately my dreams have been beginning on the hugest Ferris wheel ever built, that same Ferris wheel that was the first ever created nestled at the grounds of the White City. The one built by Mr. Ferris himself for the Chicago World Fair of the late 1800s. The World Fair supposedly responsible for bringing Nation-wide fame to the dancer known as Little Egypt.
So if you can't tell I have been reading Looking for Little Egypt before I have been going to bed but it is a fascinating book that goes into such great detail about this place in time that it gives me the most vivid dreams of actually being there. My brain continues the search long after I close the book and fabricates a different conclusion to the mystery every night.
It would make the most luscious vintage screenplay- I'm tempted to write it!