Friday, December 26, 2008

Treacherous Path

Last night I had this dream that I was riding a horse along a train track treacherously close to the edge of a cliff. I could hear the ocean lapping the rocks far below. The cliff began to crumble and break away beneath the weight of my horse's hooves. The horse stumbled and rocks pattered down into the water. I struggled trying to keep my horse on the tracks terrified we would fall.
It did seem like a reckless path to choose when beyond the tracks were wide open fields... well, more like a great distance of flat dirt. Why would I ride so close to the edge?
Is the path I have chosen so treacherous?
My life doesn't seem treacherous- it seems the opposite- safe and private- inconsequential.
But the path was not secluded or sheltered... it was wide open, public, and exposed even though there was no one to see it. I was vulnerable; unprotected; no one to reach out to for help. Perhaps a dangerous path although...

you know... I did not fall.

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