Monday, November 2, 2009

I had a dream that I have had before

I am sitting on the edge of bed and I notice my back is peeling. As I brush away some of the flaking skin with my hand I look over my shoulder and see in the reflection of the mirror that on my back, beneath the peeling skin, is a fresco being revealed.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Salmon coral

I had a dream that I was opening up my paints & every block of watercolor pigment was a salmon coral color... I got frantic and opened my acrylic tubes... no matter color was on the outside of the tube only salmon coral poured out.
the colored pencils, the pens, the oils... everything.
I only had one color to work with in any medium.

What a nightmare.

Monday, June 1, 2009

creepy Djinn!

I have been reading an interesting book that combines lots of my interests
nonfiction, travel, religion, bellydancing, & character sketches
It is an excellent book about a woman who is living in 5 different Islamic countries for 40 days in each place to try and understand their culture & religion and it is really interesting...
But last night I read something in there, it was just what one man in Egypt said about the Djinn and it gave me a creepy nightmare.
he said that a woman was looking after him after he fainted and that her eyes opened, instead of the lids splitting on a horizontal plane- they split on a vertical plane and she said to "Stay away from us." and he knew he had pierced into the spiritual world of the Djinn.
(which are basically like the Arabic version of angels- some are good and some are bad).
Well the image in my dream was of this heavily garbed woman many layers of fabric and when she opened her eyes not only did they open the wrong way but they were completely black as well.
I can't believe such a non-scary book could give me such a creepy nightmare. spooky!
I guess you have to be careful what you read before bed.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vandalism & Showers

In my dream, I had made two very large paintings: two women in flowy dresses that were not in color. Someone had suggested I add color and I replied "That might be nice but I don't have time, the exhibition is tomorrow and adding color would take a long time."
That night I see the paintings outside and some people who I had allowed to help me had foolishly tried to add color without my permission. I was furious because now I HAD to add the color and I didn't have the time. I kept feeling like I should get to work on it so I could get them done in time but delay after delay prevented me from just getting to work... soon I realized that I needed to get ready for the exhibition. I needed to take a shower and get dressed.
The house I was in was huge and, as is often the case in my dreams, the house had many additional secret rooms. I felt tricky because I knew of these other rooms, so despite the fact that all of the obvious showers were already occupied... I felt sure I could get a shower without having to wait. Each "secret" bathroom that I located was already occupied... I must have crept through a dozen different passageways and every time I thought I had found a place to shower; someone else was already taking one there.
I knew I would never have enough time to finish my paintings for the exhibition at this rate.

It was a really bizarre dream.

hahaha.... but aren't they all?

Friday, May 15, 2009

Cell Phone Dream

In my dream, I kept trying to call my husband on my cell phone but each time I tried to dial the familiar number, I kept fumbling with the buttons... getting it wrong each time I tried. I was getting sooo agrivated. I spent way too long dialing and redialing, each time dialing it wrong. I couldn't understand why it was so difficult for me to dial a number I had dialed a million times before.
I couldn't reach him and there was no one or nothing to blame; it was my own inability standing in my way- truly frustrating.

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

The Belly Dancer Bookstore

I walked into this bookstore, rounded a corner and was excited to find a book staring out at me with a vintage belly dancer on the cover. It was some kind of memior of a dancer from the 1930's... then I noticed that the book beside it had a similar cover (old sepia dancer on the cover) and the next another... finally I backed up and saw that the entire shelf was loaded with nothing but bellydancing books... the overwhelming joy!

I probably had this dream because recently I found a book club for belly dancers. I am really excited because I tried to start a little belly dancing book club like this on but didn't get very much participation. It is so nice to be able to hop into something and not have to be the one organizing it. Because the goal is to learn something afterall, and I am really tired of having no instruction. In yoga tradition, they say when you are ready, a teacher will come... maybe I am ready?

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Blame it on the ceiling

I had this dream of someone standing over me with an umbrella... when I woke up the shape of the umbrella that I saw was the same as my ceiling...
This isn't the best photo of my ceiling but you can kind of see how the octagon shape is reinforced by collar ties and beams- kind of like the structural elements of an umbrella.
I don't suppose dreams of this nature mean anything- it was probably the last thing I saw before I went to sleep. But all the same- there is something reassuring about the thought of some giant person standing over me with an umbrella while I'm sleeping.
Don't you think?

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eagle Dream

This dream is strange. I am in a car and up ahead in another car I see a bird sitting on something outside the window. Somehow I recognize that it is a very expensive and rare animal belonging to a very prestigous and wealthy couple (not sure how I know this but...)
Then I see high up in the sky this huge bald eagle and instantly a fear drives into my heart as I instinctually know that this eagle is going to harm the pet bird.
Sure enough the eagle sees the smaller bird (which is also a large bird, just not as large as the eagle) and swoops down to attack it.
So fast I don't recall getting out of the car I am in, I find myself over the huge eagle with my hand around its throat terrified that it is going to hurt me but determined to protect the valuable pet. I beat the eagle till it finally departs.

...yeah, no idea about what could have triggered this one.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Ferris Wheel

Lately my dreams have been beginning on the hugest Ferris wheel ever built, that same Ferris wheel that was the first ever created nestled at the grounds of the White City. The one built by Mr. Ferris himself for the Chicago World Fair of the late 1800s. The World Fair supposedly responsible for bringing Nation-wide fame to the dancer known as Little Egypt.
So if you can't tell I have been reading Looking for Little Egypt before I have been going to bed but it is a fascinating book that goes into such great detail about this place in time that it gives me the most vivid dreams of actually being there. My brain continues the search long after I close the book and fabricates a different conclusion to the mystery every night.
It would make the most luscious vintage screenplay- I'm tempted to write it!