Saturday, January 24, 2009

Eagle Dream

This dream is strange. I am in a car and up ahead in another car I see a bird sitting on something outside the window. Somehow I recognize that it is a very expensive and rare animal belonging to a very prestigous and wealthy couple (not sure how I know this but...)
Then I see high up in the sky this huge bald eagle and instantly a fear drives into my heart as I instinctually know that this eagle is going to harm the pet bird.
Sure enough the eagle sees the smaller bird (which is also a large bird, just not as large as the eagle) and swoops down to attack it.
So fast I don't recall getting out of the car I am in, I find myself over the huge eagle with my hand around its throat terrified that it is going to hurt me but determined to protect the valuable pet. I beat the eagle till it finally departs.

...yeah, no idea about what could have triggered this one.

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