Monday, June 1, 2009

creepy Djinn!

I have been reading an interesting book that combines lots of my interests
nonfiction, travel, religion, bellydancing, & character sketches
It is an excellent book about a woman who is living in 5 different Islamic countries for 40 days in each place to try and understand their culture & religion and it is really interesting...
But last night I read something in there, it was just what one man in Egypt said about the Djinn and it gave me a creepy nightmare.
he said that a woman was looking after him after he fainted and that her eyes opened, instead of the lids splitting on a horizontal plane- they split on a vertical plane and she said to "Stay away from us." and he knew he had pierced into the spiritual world of the Djinn.
(which are basically like the Arabic version of angels- some are good and some are bad).
Well the image in my dream was of this heavily garbed woman many layers of fabric and when she opened her eyes not only did they open the wrong way but they were completely black as well.
I can't believe such a non-scary book could give me such a creepy nightmare. spooky!
I guess you have to be careful what you read before bed.

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