Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Realtor & the Arcade

I had a dream that my friend Deyl was a realtor trying to sell me a "house" that was an arcade machine, when we punched through the coin panel it opened up into this huge dance space... the dance floor had a giant tree etched into the wood- it was really beautiful.  And even though the etching was a line drawing I reached down and picked big pink peonies from it's branches that were real flowers in my hands.  I went into the Vernada-esque living room filled to the gills with people and gave another woman one of my peonies because it was her birthday too- on the same day as mine.
Which isn't common- many people share my birthday- even a woman named Stephanie Bolton- NO JOKE!  Can you believe that someone with the same name, same spelling, as me shares my birthday as well?  That is pretty remarkable.

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